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House parties

Darryl Palmer is a singer-DJ-music director for special events in Toronto and the GTA. He will plan music choices to set the mood for cocktails, dinner, and keep you dancing all night long with requests, dance hit songs, and vocal harmony singing.  

Darryl Palmer is a professional DJ and perfomer of ballads, swing dance tunes, Elvis rock and roll, country, folk, and soul songs. You can have special songs at the right moments in your program - during cocktails or dinner, a special event song request, a theme song, a romantic dance, or birth year memory song.


Karaoke singing for your guests - music lovers can get 'on stage' and sing with music videos or karaoke lyrics.  

Perfect background music, great DJ dance music, theme music, featured vocals as well. Prepare a music program that will make your event exciting and keep your guests dancing and singing!