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We've all been there . . . a corporate or private party at someone's home. The food is fabulous, the service divine, but the music is blaring and wrong! The amateur disc jockeys keep changing the music and turning up the volume! Well, if a party deserves great food it also deserves a pro DJ on the sound system. 


The music selection and volume should flow like a conversation, creating a dynamic but stress-free atmosphere. An excellent wireless microphone ensures clear, painless sound during speeches. And when the time comes for dancin' - look out!


A party is more fun when you hear your favourite songs. How can we insure everyone will hear music they enjoy? We provide request cards and ask for song suggestions! Then we can fill the dance-floor with sets of familiar requested songs and styles. Of course any song that empties the dance-floor (even a request) must fade to make way for a sure winner!

"What could have been simply a pleasant trip down memory lane turned into a wild, hilarious, fun-filled evening. Your artful selection of tunes and skillful timing kept the momentum going long into the night. First-class show! Our friends and clients are still talking about it!" 

Ted Bridgewater, Foresight Visual Communications